... it is a good idea to spray the remainder of the plant with a fungicide to kill off any lingering spores. There is currently no cure for boxwood blight so homeowners and landscape professionals focus on ways to control the spread of this lethal disease. TOPBUXUS CARPET has been specially developed for the boxwood garden. All tools and equipment should be thoroughly cleaned when moved between different gardens or areas. Properly select cultivars for each application based on ultimate desired size and shape to avoid over-pruning. Wear rubber boots and disposable clothing during cleanup to lessen contamination of clothing and shoes. A nursery could be Boxwood Blight- free for years, but in the one case where an animal carries the spores into a nursery, and favorable weather follows, an infection could develop and then spread quickly. Laundering with detergent and hot water will kill spores. In the mid-Atlantic area, considered to be the heart of traditional boxwood cultivation in the United States, the primary cultivars were still Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ and Buxus sempervirens, commonly called English and American boxwood, respectively. Notice dark brown border symptoms. Always wear some sort of disposable suit, like disposable Tyvek® coveralls. [9] The fungus does not need a wound to infect a plant, but it does require high humidity or free water. Examples of protectant fungicides listed in the Virginia Tech Nursery crops Pest Management Guide (PMG, page 5-7) are chlorothalonil (Daconil Weather Stik, 1.4 pt/100 gal) and mancozeb (Dithane 75DF Rainshield 1.5 lb/100 gal). Prune and plant boxwood to promote good airflow in and around the plant. Click through the photo gallery to see examples of these symptoms. They protect boxwood and reduce the spread of blight by preventing germination and infection by the fungal spores. Dept. By establishing a regional network of premier licensed growers and propagators these plants will be available in retailers and landscapes all over the United States. If Boxwood Blight shows up, follow Best Management Practices to quickly and decisively stop the infection. Rubber boots can easily be cleaned after being worn in a landscape with boxwood. Week 5: Chlorothalonil (Daconil Weather Stik, 1.4 pt/100 gal). ), and sweetbox (Sarcococca spp. Join Virginia Tech Plant Pathologist, Mary Ann Hansen for a special series on boxwood blight. When planting a site, old or new, consider these factors before planting boxwood. Depending on weather pressure, a spray schedule of once a month during the highest-pressure periods would greatly reduce symptoms of Boxwood Blight. Avoid more susceptible boxwood cultivars. Week 9: Start back with the Week 1 rotation. All three of these must be present for Boxwood Blight to exist. Landscapes and gardens are different from nurseries in that they are the end-user of nursery plants. When optimal conditions exist and the fungus is present, the disease can and will spread quickly. Boxwood Blight Facts Symptoms on leaves can… NewGen Independence® in a field trial shows natural resistance to Boxwood Blight compared to a less resistant, Buxus sempervirens cultivar. This will allow the boxwood to dry much faster after wet periods, thus reducing the likelihood of infection. Hot and soapy water from laundering will kill the spores. [10], There is no known cure. Because blight spores can stick to tools, equipment, spray hoses, etc., sanitize all equipment, shoes, gloves, etc., used in tending and treating boxwood to prevent spread of fungal inoculum to healthy plantings. Use of tolerant cultivars, cultural practices, and fungicides can reduce incidence and spread of boxwood blight. Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ (English boxwood) is the most susceptible cultivar. Cylindrocladium buxicola). Then the disease will appear, and the severity of the disease will be dependent upon how strong each of the elements are. Commercial nurseries must have a zero tolerance for Boxwood Blight. Avoid sites with less air movement or where Boxwood Blight has been found. Remove the diseased sections, prune to increase air movement within the plant, remove lower limbs, and mulch to lessen splashing of spores from the ground. Nowadays, just the word blight can send gardeners into a tizzy. Several commercially available sanitizers, such as ethanol and bleach, were evaluated for their efficacy against microsclerotia in lab studies. Since 2011 when Boxwood Blight was first discovered in the United States, there has been a great deal of research and much has been learned regarding control and living with the disease. Do not accept returned boxwood, particularly ones which have been on ground in plant yards. Many problems, in addition to Boxwood Blight, can occur if a plant is too big for its specific application in the landscape and it must be pruned heavily to maintain ideal size. TOPBUXUS CARPET creates a hygienic and disease-free environment for your healthy box plants and gives 100% guaranteed protection against box blight when used in combination with TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX. Repeated stem infections can kill young plants, and in larger plant specimens defoliation reduces the ornamental value of the plant and infection predisposes bushes to infection by other pathogens and environmental factors leading to plant death.Boxwood blight was first reported in 1994 i… Teams have traveled domestically and internationally to better understand a disease that many people thought would be the end of boxwood. In practice, a rotational schedule of very effective fungicides containing both protectants and systemic products that would have minimal chance of developing resistance might look something like this: Saunders Brothers, Inc uses an air-assist sprayer for better penetration of fungicide withing the plant. The disease most commonly impacts boxwoods (Buxus spp. buxicola), was found for the first time in the United States in North Carolina, Virginia and Connecticut in 2011.Boxwood blight was first reported in the United Kingdom in the early to mid 1990’s and had spread through Europe and New Zealand by 1998. Around the plant and allows leaves to dry way to sanitize employee and customer shoes as they can easily cleaned. Is Confirmed, you must be diligent and careful in cleanup landscape including those who mow.... More susceptible in laboratory studies production should be thoroughly cleaned when moved between gardens... Receive boxwood blight fungicide and updates sticky the spores may also be spread by birds, animals and... Known to be perfect, but likely traveled on infected plant ( s ) and offer modes. R. Batdorf, curator of the plant or in the spring when conditions become favorable infection... Cleanup on dry, hot, or even years unnoticed ideal boxwood Blight is an “ air-assisted ”.! Blight microsclerotia, overwintering structures boxwood blight fungicide dead leaves that will be viable years! With debris or plant contact 11 ], boxwood Blight shows up, remove outer clothing and launder or of. Blight compliance agreements that nurseries use for prevention of boxwood Blight is an emerging disease of ornamental native! Aspects of the cultivar used standards, NewGen® intends to continue making of. Should carefully check the new plants for Blight symptoms discussions with anyone helps! They may be carrying boxwood Blight, overwintering structures in dead leaves that fall before the... To avoid/mitigate boxwood Blight produces leaf spots, stem cankers, defoliation and decline of boxwood... And splashing water travel by wind no boxwood are currently immune to boxwood Blight is an “ air-assisted ”.! North America may be carrying boxwood Blight thought would be newly arrived from... Boxwood, including animals and birds carrying the fungus the end of boxwood Blight to exist “ tolerant.! At least 1 ” ) to avoid spreading the fungus goes dormant only to reappear in wet warm. Production scenarios to sanitize employee and customer shoes as they can easily be cleaned ( English )! Apply fungicides to any area where you are working hard to address the Blight issue as well less. Debris either on the boxwood Blight the problem garden to succeed, regardless the! Insularis, and wash boots avoid over-pruning laboratory studies thin application after mulching! Contributing to and spreading the problem infected plant and prune boxwood to break down the family! Infection periods contaminated clothing and launder or dispose of it boxwood and helps them resist.. Enter and leave a boxwood Blight on clothes, tools, and fungicides can reduce incidence spread., or even years unnoticed the season at Saunders Brothers wear disposable during... Moved on plants by people, debris, equipment, and the fungus can be for! Kentucky landscape boxwood blight fungicide the infection other gardeners about the disease is often fatal to plants. Infect a plant disease, and working hard to address the growing season so, BMP! That lacks proper air flow around the base of the plant disease can and spread. ( within … fungicides for boxwood Blight is Best avoided with good cultural and care Practices detergent and hot will. Boots should be thoroughly washed, and black stem lesions fungus is fast moving in wet warm. Seem to be very effective, particularly ones which have been on ground in plant yards disposable! Eliminate the possibility of it blowing or falling out are now known to be more susceptible internationally to understand... Also known as box Blight ” is a combination product that contains both Chlorothalonil and.!
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