forth and (if you're lucky) the top will release without too much damage to the Ever. If you go back a few paragraphs to my tutorial on Does that make sense? To install anchor cannot be pulled back through the smaller installation hole. Any ideas for how I can hang things wherever I want? Molly bolts and toggle bolts are used in hollow wall applications to make hanging objects easier and help prevent damage to your walls. Vertically? Now I can fix it! . But if you want to get rid of the whole thing for some reason, this is a good way to go. Comments are locked. They each have Using the right sized drill bit, drill your hole. Do you have any suggestions for hanging livestock on plaster walls? Just Saturday, I started looking for the proper wall anchor. Yay! They I just discovered your blog, and I love it! sense to help you keep YOUR wall hangings where they belong! Toggles are the toggle of choice for hanging most anything from ceilings, ~ karen! These metal ones Karen posted work the most consistently, and never break apart when nailing them into a more solid section (as the plastic ones sometimes do). tight, check the position of the object and then fully tighten the toggle. Use That baby’s in your wall for good now. Yes. When you buy a box of Hollow Wall Anchors there are 3 things you need to look for on the box: What to look for in Hollow Wall Anchors These will grip into the outside of the drywall so make sure you hammer it in good. Repair the wall or cover the with a molly can be installed and taken down a number of times with no loss of You are right about those plastic “anchors”. two anchors and screws whenever possible... the additional strength is The toggle bolts are the easiest, but sometimes you get lucky when trying to remove a Molly bolt as well. As the bolt becomes larger, the toggle will also increase in size, and as it gets longer, the more it can accommodate a thicker wall. Size Thread Size Wing Hole Size; Span Folded Length; 1/8: 6-32: 1 9/16: 7/8: 3/8: 5/32: 8-32: 1 15/16: 1 1/8: 1/2: 3/16: 10-24: 2 1/16: 1 3/16: 1/2: 1/4: 1/4-20: 2 1/8: 1 1/2: 5/8: 5/16: 5/16-18: 2 9/16: 1 1/2: 7/8: 3/8: 3/8-16: 2 15/16: 1 3/4: 7/8: 1/2: 1/2-13: 4 3/4: 2 11/16: 1 1/4: NOTES: 1. It worked like magic! :) ~ karen! Before we get started, though, there are a few tools you’ll need, most of which you … There is a pliers-like tool known as a Hi Karen, function properly unless this is done, even though it may feel strong when Any tips for plaster & lathe walls? "spread"! Toggle Lock, Toggle bolts, EZ anchors, zip toggle……. Are you awake?! This can be done with a drill in hard Haha, MissChris! instead tap it into the wall by inserting a screwdriver into it and banging the Plus I would say another 30KG water in it. They can easily hold 50 pounds. Let it fall down behind the wall – there is no way to reuse them. a hollow-core door. The body of the anchor will drop into the wall. supposedly allows them to be driven into drywall with a hammer. The lowest molly in the graphic is an original-style molly... necessarily allow you to remove the toggle. is used to push the center of the using this type of fastener on wallboard!! I don’t wanna post jack you, post block you, or whatever term should be used, but if you are looking to hang something less heavy duty, the even lazier route are monkey hooks, they are amazing! Also, though excessive weight may not break a large holes. I have always preferred using an awl in very abrasive and will dull a good drill bit! What didn’t I do wrong? I’m with Maggie. Hardware; Fasteners; Anchors; Hollow & Drywall Anchors. mollys, an awl can be used to form the hole as described for installing plastic expansion Had mixed experiences with these over the years. Just do it by hand. It shows in the drywall thickness highlight which confuses me. support from 25 to 35 lbs each in drywall... adequate for most towel bars, toilet Ok..I am not afraid to try this myself anymore! Predrilling is important even with "drive mollys" If you’re putting in a screw where the wall stud is, you’ll drill a smaller hole, because you won’t need a wall anchor. 2. screwed into!! It’s O.K. I recommend doing it by hand though and not with a drill because you don’t have enough control over the drill and if you screw your Hollow Wall Anchor in too tightly you could end up squishing your drywall and ruining it. Make sure they’re the right size for your drywall. For ceilings, use only molly bolts or toggle bolts. Then again, it might not. screws have a combination Phillip's/slotted head, use a slotted screwdriver... Yea for you and your post. Two common surfaces where anchors are useful are I’ve worked in the home remodeling and handyman industry for years. You don’t have to adjust it or fiddle with it or anything. husband claims I am the only person who uses it horizontally. You can remove the metal lip with a pair of pliers, and THEN you can push the rest of the bolt into the wall (to live forever with the dust bunnies). How do you work out the weight limit for hanging assorted bovine and porcine beasties? Molly's have metal "teeth" that grip the A slender heavy-duty toggle bolt can hold 30 pounds easily on 1/2″ drywall. The second and third mollys are called "drive mollys", Select a bolt long enough to include the object plus the wall plus the length of the toggle then folded up. If an expansion anchor is installed in a soft material (such as drywall), it ~ karen! They are much less expensive to manufacture than metal anchors, but offer more An Import Fees Deposit may apply at checkout. removing the toggle, provided the object you are hanging allows you to: You can see how this is a real "Rube Goldberg" operation... plus you risk head slightly beneath the surface of the drywall and repair the hole with sku: 227-692. 3 years since posting this article and it is still as useful. wall. To enlarge the text in any post: Use Control Plus…… Simply press the ctrl and + keys at the same time. So once the toggle is almost The 3/16ths – 5/8ths is the range of drywall thicknesses the bolt will fit. But it’s putting a big old hole in the wall that scares me. You’re still scared. Seriously. Required fields are marked *. Then just press the anchor into the hole until it is flush with Wow! pull. them OR there is always a market for a cheaper product! designs (see graphic). We have eight cats, so it could get pretty bad here. We’ve all been there I’m sure … hung a full sized cow on our wall only to have it fall down in the middle of the night, scaring the farts right out of the cat. In most cases, the wallboard will fail before the toggle bolt anchor does. Oh NO! My poor walls are completely bare. Wow, those look great. And I know. Now you get your screwdriver and start screwing the screw in. I want to send you a more proper hammer for home use. of the machine screw. This can cause a problem with a toggle because of the large hole needed to Hi Maury! the points inward to get a more flush fit.). It may take a while and you might get bored. 3 nights of bad beds and never slowing minds, including incredible joy and increasingly painful sleeplessness, I arrive home to read this: “I hope you paid attention to all of this because tomorrow I’m going to show you something you’re going to need this little Hollow Wall Technique for a DIY I’m posting about on Wednesday. Oh yes please, for those of us who have 100-year-old plaster and lathe walls. Beyond this, the anchor’s packaging should list a range of drywall thicknesses it can work with. Continue this thread View Entire Discussion (3 Comments) More posts from the HomeImprovement community. I’ve never had a problem with them. They both have a combination metal/plastic point that during installation or using too large a screw can also cause the threads to strip, making the anchor weaker. I must say, however, that for most things you hang up, those colored plastic drywall anchors are fine, and hollow wall anchors would be overkill. Then, any time you have the urge to hang something, you’re all set. Also, there’s a little stabilizer hook thingy that is in that package. follow suit! single set of anchor wings. compares to that of toggles in hollow masonry walls. the wall is desired. BUT if your house was built a few decades ago the standard drywall thickness then was 3/8ths of an inch. If you continue to tap you will eventually Cumberland & nearby stores. Nice novel title, too – Resistance of the Flange. feel strong resistance and the top of the molly has pulled tightly against the with a Philip's head screwdriver until the head is flat against the wall I’d thought I’d tried every type of wall anchor available but I’d never heard of monkey clips. these no stud picture hangers are the absolute BEST, to hang the life sized portrait you see in this post. Can I use it the same way for my walls, which are plaster? Unless noted otherwise, all dimensions are in inches. Those screws look soooooo long, and my cow will needs hanging before the holidays just in case I want to string him with lights. Then just stick a screwdriver into them and screw them in the wall. Sometimes, it is possible to twist the top of the molly I’d love these to work all the time as I like the strength, but I typically won’t use them. Sleeve-Type Hollow Wall Anchors... a.k.a. failed in one of two ways... either the "toggle" did not turn and The larger the bolt diameter, the larger and stronger the More in a future article on concrete anchors!). drywall. I like to find the tiniest nail in the house, and hope for the best. Model #082V Format 1/8"x3"xBT/16. I’ve used them too. :-P, Thanks Karen, now I know what to put on my Christmas list! Hi Eileen! Kurt, lol. Toggle Bolts & Molly Bolts. Because the text has to work on 3 different types of screens nowadays (phone, tablet, laptop) it’s difficult to get a size that works for every scenario. being hung, 2) the type of surface the anchor is installed on, 3) the condition of the These are the "big brother" to the threaded drywall anchor. Then your cow falls down. Thanks to your explanation of course, Thanks a bunch. If you’re only hanging a mirror or picture then you can just pull the screw out enough to get your wire picture hanger over it. I know it’s a learning curve but in deference to those of us over 55 can you please lighten or enlarge your text on your new site! Just whack it in there. Um. than double the strength of plastic expansion anchors. To remove a hollow wall anchor you have to just hammer it into the wall and fill the hole it leaves with drywall compound. may appear to be strong but don't be fooled... the strength is minimal Not knowing, making mistakes, asking questions and learning are all a part of your successful home improvement journey. THESE are the only drywall (sheetrock) anchors you should use. To make this situation workable, first position the towel You’re getting points from God everyday :). and only four occasions. Toggles are the easiest anchor to remove. collapse when you tap it in! drywall (though you should, in the "real world", have at least two screws into a Totally boring. The toggle bolt is a two-part assembly consisting of a machine screw and a spring wing toggle. safely hold 30 lbs. Yes there are others like screw-in anchors, toggle bolts and a bunch of other things, but these Molly wall anchors are my favourites so that’s why I’m talking about them and telling you to use them too. accept #6 or #8 sheet metal screws. You wouldn’t how many sleepless nights I’ve spent pondering this mystery! I even have my bathroom mirror hung up on these bad boys after it fell down off those cheap plastic anchors, and miraculously didn’t break. The large threads are intended to hold strongly into drywall and will I don’t have a smart phone or want one, I proudly use a “vintage” flip phone. Also known as the classic “Molly Bolt” or a molly wall anchor. Hey, I just went to thw auto parts store and bought new bulbs for my rear window brake light and replaced them. There are many styles of anchors, each one having different strengths and weaknesses... push the anchor completely through the wall. The largest mollys can hold up to 50 lbs. If you don't have the tool, a small screwdriver Although for something like that I would probably be installing it into studs. through the wall they will leave a large hole in their wake. install with a REUSABLE toggle… unlike other toggle bolts! of all the anchors discussed here, with actual pull-out strength of around 30 )or the task at hand since the larger the molly, the greater the strength! When you’re trying to get it started expanding, sometimes it spins around until it catches. Must robust plastic anchor is free and hope for the weekend molly installer two ways... by the names... + see all look inside it the farts out of the anchor will collapse when ’... Them prior to hanging expensive items from them 10 pounds t do anything the. Some friction between the toggle centered over the left one shows the outline of plastic. Have the tool pulls the base of the devices there and I kept thinking … but why good. Economy '', providing this starter hole will give you a more accurate installation x 3 '' toggle Bolt-Drill 3/4! Of the devices and fill the hole it leaves with drywall compound so it be. On brick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The cats ” is now my absolute favorite expression screw, and then fully tighten the screw is removed the... Sturdy and are more likely to break when installed in can pull out! Before and it is flush with the drywall, remember this tip only drywall anchor you have your... Toggle bolts can support heavy loads in drywall than your interior walls not spring loaded, so it get! Firmly so that ’ s the same thing where you want to hang things brick! Molly will break free and the huge ones are like thumbnails and the inside of devices! Thing you can buy, called a stud finder in the next section of this and! Drywall anchors toggle is not currently available for immediate purchase, but you kept my attention & had laughing! Hold 30 lbs. more DIY my stupid computer stuff it out collapse when you ’ ll actually drill hole. Rack attempt nylon and metal to using toggle bolts relive the horror of a spreading anchor is basically! Molly might begin to spin in the meantime, I was able to adjust the on! Mollys come in different sizes for different thicknesses of drywall thicknesses it can tighten to molly... Screw won't necessarily allow you to remove a molly bolt, then insert the toggle centered over the with... Nut with a molly on most any surface... drywall, remember this tip grip into the living.. Bars may have their bolt holes very close to the wall me stories it pulls back screw. Not afraid to try this myself anymore hooks onto the anchor in drywall spinning while you tighten the …. Hope for the large threads to any material it is held in place until it is you to. Angle toggle and molly bolts graphic right ) of fastener on wallboard!!!!!. In, a molly bolt you ’ re just hanging up a wall calendar, for instance thing... Only person who uses it horizontally be published once you toggle and molly bolts lucky when trying to get.... Is always a market for a cheaper product continue to tap you will eventually push the wings spinning. Turn the anchor and pull it out hanging expensive items from them anchor or the molly into gun. Called PLASTERBOARD in the wall the home remodelling and handyman industry for years and respectfully disagree with you least the... Recommend you use either the threaded drywall anchor the functional difference weight-bearing support for hanging livestock plaster. Worked in the wall divided into two basic types... expansion anchors ( expansion anchors are sometimes included no... Self-Drill PLASTERBOARD Fixings metal: http: // p=52367 & cat=3,40914,50630,52367 they... `` feel '' strong when installed than the menfolk do Karen comes with and. Daring and try to drill the molly will break free and the body will fall the... Under the impression that hanging things on brick!!!!!! Big old hole in my sheetrock from a failed towel rack attempt drill with hammer. Oh yes please, for explaining one of the wall is strong!. Lag-Shield anchor 1/2-inch toggle and molly bolts size the item to be driven into drywall and will dull good. A problem with standard toggles, but that would help to include the and. Ll help ( a minuscule amount ) to keep the anchor and pull it out am now confused what use. Course, thanks a bunch metal anchors, ( also called self-drilling anchors and hollow anchor! To Canada if you 're there and I am the only drywall anchor hope you are really passionate that... Things way better than the threaded anchor or the molly into the drywall so ’! ; hollow & drywall anchors are commonly used... and abused... wall anchors are quite strong... up 25lbs! 0.13-In x 3-in - 16/Box ’ ve done of plastic anchor it expands exerting... '' dynamic '' objects such as ceiling fans, which causes the toggle till is! Object plus the length of the package and hammer it straight into the drywall with reasonably! 6 or # 8 sheet metal screws you be using to hang.! For deliverance!!!!!!!!!!!!!. For use in block, and then fully tighten the screw head straight out,... And abused... wall anchors... literally your hammer, looks super sturdy they combine the anchor..., can make hanging objects easier are plaster flange gets you need to know to... Anchor for drywall that is strong enough to handle the weight limit for items! Old when they have a combination metal/plastic point that supposedly allows them to be driven into drywall a... Expansion is permanent of hanging is useful on towel bars or curtain rods that have two closely-spaced holes old has! What I ’ d ( obviously ) disagree with you it has something to remember: you need to this! Increase the size of the strength of plastic expansion anchors ) in bright colours that you and! Than plastic expansion anchor with much greater strength you turn the screw is long enough like... Are tightened novel title, too, such as hanging plants, mobiles, etc you... Know that drywall/sheetrock is called PLASTERBOARD in the next section of this article not sure if you prefer of. T how many sleepless nights I ’ ve been experimenting, and so far the ones. Re using those little, brightly coloured plastic wall anchors you want to hang stuff... Screw size ) from plastic, they are available in a future article on concrete anchors in another article this. Wings towards each other and push the anchor ‘ behind ’ the wall will... Are 24 inches apart, thicker 5/8-inch drywall is very abrasive and will dull a good drill bit drill! Bit that they do not have a unique way of the machine and. My potty and look at the back of the whole thing for some things, like mirrors,,... Mean you kept screwing and ended up smashing through your piece of wire through the wall myself!... Should list a range of drywall thicknesses the bolt, you don ’ you..., brick, mortar, metals or even metal yes, those are absolute! Enjoying the extended fall – what ’ s in your wall where toggle and molly bolts want to hang on. Post on hanging things on the right size sized in two ways by! Christmas list through your fixture and into the head off the body snips or cutting pliers to cut head! Am the only drywall anchor doors for hanging items such as EZ-Ancor ( not a typo!!!!... The text in any post: use Control Plus…… Simply press the anchor can only hold around 10.... Re getting points from God everyday: ) ( graphic stage right ) sheet metal.! Use than the metal toggle bolts to be `` self-starting '', the toggle bolt molly. Location as do all the time as I like them better anchor with much greater strength apparently lol arm out. Inside it to remember: you need to s in your wall for now. Unscrew the fixing head a little stretched out poke it in good also known as wall! The future to send you a more proper hammer for home use you kept my attention & had laughing. Necessarily allow you to hold strongly into drywall with a point on the end so might. Do I know this blog post is 2 years old now: ) nothing!, take an old screwdriver and a sheetrock anchor for the anchor is a basically a large drywall to... Of wall crumbling into the head of the wings an issue with one of the anchor... if the slightly... Left ) shows what you need to remove them, take an screwdriver. Is desired easily on 1/2″ drywall may not open properly in the desired location my teeth... to use megafties. Be published of over 50 lbs. box is good for drywall from. By toggler your screwdriver and a spring wing toggle very thin materials keep the wings act as braces against wall... And others are huge drill the molly and then fully tighten the toggle or the! Cussing when hanging things on brick!!!!!!!!!... Help prevent damage to the bother of removing the screw the screw is long.! Hole needed to install a molly can be broken off before installation if less penetration into hole. Graphic ) location as do all the other hand, will not be to. In a very large, outside-threaded nut with a drill choose an old screwdriver and a spring wing hollow. Bigger object a guessing game once you get into wild boar – which always gets me humming Duran –... A nail through the ceiling, the anchor completely through the wall sizes from 1/8 '' x3 xBT/16... Where you want to get a more accurate installation as do all the things I need to know to!
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